Dedication, the Key to Understanding Wing Chun Kung Fu

Dedication, the Key to Understanding Wing Chun Kung Fu

The concepts of structured movement, economy of motion and dedication to understanding these concepts is key within the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. Wing Chun is a Martial Arts System that entails the study of body structure,  structured coordinated refined movement, and the understanding of hand and weapon form. The techniques within the system are not easily taught alone without the student having an understanding of structured movement of a body that has been trained to respond to attack with applied concepts and muscle memory trained reflexes. These are movement and concepts that are not easily learned from books or video, nor can one person transmit this knowledge to another by shear explanation alone. The practitioner has to put in the time and dedicate themselves to understanding and practice enough to be able to apply these concept competently.

From day one it usually takes a practitioner three to six months to develop enough reflex and understanding of structure to utilize some technique competently . Progress  will come to those whom are dedicated to practice, and have understanding of how to practically apply particular techniques. Many portions of the system will become second nature to the practitioner as they practice and from this practice comes muscle memory reflex in applying technique when attacked or provoked.

As more of the system is studied, the practitioner advances and is introduced to new  technique and the second and third hand forms they must also also keep in mind and adhere to basic structural and theoretic principles that are inherent to the Wing Chun System.

The Wing Chun System requires one to be dedicated in study and practice to be proficient, those whom are dedicated to practice, study and application of the system will attain a certain level of mastery.

Keep the traditions!




4 thoughts on “Dedication, the Key to Understanding Wing Chun Kung Fu

  1. Enjoying reading your blog and seeing your perspective on Wing Chun and emphasis on structure. Thanks for visiting the Dragon Journal of Taijiquan. I would enjoy learning a little Wing Chun. I have been interested ever since I have known Master David Leung in Portland. All the best to you!

  2. Tim, the key is really understanding that structured movement within Wing Chun system allows us to apply technique is a body mass, linking all limbs and moving this mass with the horse, Ma. If you heard the commands in Chinese language you would recognize a large portion of the systems techniques. You would make it a very quick study I’m sure. Much Respect, Aloha Lrs

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