Lawrence Ramirez is Sifu and Founder of the Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association of Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Certified Chief Instructor for Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu association, and member at the VTAA Hong Kong. You may contact the Association at:



Thank you for your continued support!
Peace, Blessings and Much Respect,
Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association


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  1. A few years back I brought my grandson to your classes. He is Anthony Vargas and I am his grandfather. At that time there was only one Dit Da Jow.
    If you can recall which one it was, I would like to purchase a 4 oz bottle. If you sell the spray top, I would like one also. I can mail you a check and would like the bottle sent to: Melvin Kapule, 2431 Waiomao Rd, Honolulu Hawaii 96816. Anything I need to do? Thanks.
    I will use it in high school girls basketball.

  2. I have bilateral plantar fasciitis and chronic neck and back pain. I put this medicine on my feet and neck and OMG! I gotta tell you that is the first pain relief I have found THAT WORKS that wasn’t in a pill form or from a Dr giving me a prednisone injections in my heels or trigger point injections and needling in my neck and shoulders. This product works really REALLY well. I’m a convert! The only feedback I have us that I wish there was more info on each label about which balm works best for which ailments. Other than that, it’s awesome. What about an insert you can include with the bottle? Maybe like a quick reference guide. That will open you up to repeat purchase as well because while I’m trying this out I can be thinking about which one I want to buy next. Awesome product!

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