Pacific Wing Chun Celebrates Sifu Mara Miller Promotion

It is with great pleasure during this auspicious holiday season that I announce Mara Millers promotion to Black Shirt Certified Instructor here at Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. Please help us in congratulating her on this momentous life achievement, and beginning of a lifetime journey. Our Certification Ceremony was attended by students and visiting Sifu Scott Cannam from Red Deer Wing Chun in Alberta Canada.



Mara challenged this undertaking holding down career, home with two children and training all with absolute dedication.  Studying and teaching up until weeks of giving birth. Physical movement only light controlled contact so don’t be alarmed.

Most people can learn to fight, some can learn to teach people to fight, but very few can learn to fight and teach others to fight.

Mara has shown she can do both quite effectively, and efficiently.



As my Sifu Alan Bak Fu Vasquez says,

“Kung Fu is only good when it leaves your hands and goes to another.”

Be well and absolutely happy always, much respect,




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