Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Promotions November 2017

Only a practitioner of Wing Chun Kuen really knows the amount of time dedicated to study and training it takes to become proficient. I have had many students proficient already in other disciplines start the journey into Wing Chun Kuen only to find the key in becoming a solid Wing Chun fighter is time and dedication to practice, study.

We here at Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association wish to applaud and congratulate Josh Martin, Tristan Reyes and Andrew Nguyen for their efforts in dedicated study. Tristan, and Josh both received white shirts signifying beginners level proficiency testing in San Sik (open handed training technique) and for competency and understanding of Siu Nim Tao formwork. Andrew earned and received a red shirt signifying competency and understanding of Chum Kiu formwork, knowledge and competency in up to the fifth section of the Mook Yan Jong, and proficient in intercepting attack and defense also Chi Sao Structured movement.

Please help us to congratulate them on these huge achievements and for the sheer dedication it took to accomplish them.


Be well all, much respect!



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