The father burst into tears and falls to his knees.

A father returns home to find his estranged wife very high and irritable, while two children ages 10 months and 3 years are alone in their dark musty room in a small apartment in the middle of the Elsinore desert.

As the father realizes exactly what is and has happening, the wife hastily threatens to call the police hoping to detour any reaction from the now very concerned father of the two innocent victims. The father agrees that calling the police is a very good idea, and proceeds to pick up a the phone hanging on the kitchen wall. As he does, the woman runs into the childrens room and picks up the 10 month old baby and rushes toward the door trying to make an escape with the child before the police arrive. The husband drops the phone and blocks the escape and takes the baby from the high woman.

As the father comforts the child in his arms, the woman rips the phone from the wall in hopes that help will not arrive, and grabs the 3 year old by the hand and runs out the door before the father can act.

The fathers heart drops as he sees that door slam and he has to decide how to best protect the infant in his arms and find his other child now outside with a very high irrational woman.
Within seconds, baby in arms he rushes out the door to an empty corridor. Tears, Fear and Panic fill his mind and heart as he runs out to the street to see if there is any sign of them. Nothing. He pounds on the first apartment closest to them, no answer but he hears hushed noise from inside. He pleads with the tenant to open the door, no response. He then knows his Daughter is in there and demands the door be opened or he will break down the door.

With no hope of police help and no good neighbors in the drug ridden desert community wanting to help, the father knew that if that door didn’t open in the next second he would break the door and face anybody or anything inside to get his child back.

The door squeaked open and the father rushed inside and confronted the lady tenant whom insists to know nothing. the high mother and child nowhere to be seen. The father pleads with the woman for help, and then begins to realize this woman is hiding his child, he checks the rooms and then finds his 3 year old daughter in a closet with a sweet smile on her face playing hide and seek.

The father burst into tears and falls to his knees as he hugs his two girls.

Clutching them tightly he walks out of this strangers apartment. ]

This happened, around 1994 and happens to children every day.

If your sick get help. If your not happy with your spouse get help.

Only Children suffer, if you have children your life is for Them!

Give them what they deserve or get your Dingus or Ovaries ripped out!

Keep the Traditions

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