Sifu Sean Cavanaugh visits from Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, WA.

20150407_181729 Many things were learned and shared as we again are honored by a visit from Sifu Sean Cavanaugh from the Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. WA. Many thanks for the handcrafted Jook Wan Huen, Sifu Sean Cavanaugh! We will definitely be putting use on these tools you’ve made for us! With Sifu Sean’s knowledge of the systems history and technique it was wing Chun overload for everyone whom attended. Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association is holding a seminar this weekend and holding another session Sunday with Sifu Sean.

20150407_182142 20150407_182212 20150407_183030 20150407_184919 20150407_193754 20150407_194953

Again Mahalo Nui and Much Respect Sifu Sean!

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