Tactics, Technique and Application of Theory

Tactics, Technique and Application of Theory

Within the Wing Chun Kung Fu system there are three distinct ideas, characteristics or catagories which may be used to describe, and help further define the system.  Most motion within the system can be catagorized either as tactics, may contain characteristics of a certain technique or can be understood  as ideas of application of a theory.

These three ideas or catagories encompass all motion within the system and all motion can be described as, and contain two or more of these ideas simultaneously.

Technique is taught and drilled into every Wing Chun Practitioner as they learn the Sil Nim Tao Form and basic San Sik from day one. Jik Chung Choi, Fook Sao, Tan Sau/Tan Dar, Gong Sau/Gong Dar, Bong Sao and every technique within the first hand form and the most basic of San Sik are all techniques of this system.

As they progress into and attain a certain level of understanding of Sil Nim Tao, the practitioner will begin to understand theory to correctly apply technique within the hand form and this is where at least two of the three ideas within the system begin to blend.

While learning Chum Kiu and more agressive San Sik, the practitioner will at this point have a certain level of mastery of most hand movement stricking, blocking, kicking techniques, and will be utilizing footwork such as pivots and directional stepping also utilizing  or applying certain theory such as Economy of Motion and technique, example Lin Siu Dai Dar,  they have been learning in combination to complete the form or San Sik technique.

After being introduced to Chi Sao, and having an good understanding of forms and San Sik, the practiitoner will be able to now utilize hand and stepping techniques such as agressive diagonal stepping and difierent circle stepping techniques such as Huen Bo, Chor Ma or Jau ma together, to change direction upon their opponents.

As mastery or understanding of movement in all areas continues to flourish so does the pratitioners ability to withstand more agressive or complex attacks with little force or effort. Simply by changing  his stance by pivoting or a simple diagonal step he may gain an advantageous line of attack diretly at his opponents centerline, our main objective and goal.

These Tactics and Techniques along with Application of Theory now serve as the giudelines for the Practitioner as they cultivate Wing Chun Kung Fu and develop in their appreciation of the art and the ones whom came before us.

Keep the Traditions!

Lawrence Ramirez Sifu

4 thoughts on “Tactics, Technique and Application of Theory

  1. I have undying love and respect for wing chun. For me, I’ve simplified my understanding of it to one simple idea: we want to attack the opponent’s centerline while defending our own. Look forward to reading more from you.


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