Breathe, the Development of Qi

Breathe, the Development of Qi




  In today’s world where sports have evolved into exacting sciences, athletes have had to find ways to push their bodies beyond what normal training regiments can offer them to keep fit and be ready for competition. Science has taken huge roll in the day to day training, nutrition and health of athletes worldwide. Living in Hawaii, the epicenter of the Surfing world, and where the world renown Ironman Triathlon is held annually, I have had a first hand look into some of the nutritional sciences and training regiments these ultra fit athletes follow with obsessive zeal.

  Beyond obvious training method running, weights training, muscle mass building and resistance training, a growing trend that transcends sporting boundaries is breathe, lung capacity training due to the direct correlation to enhanced endurance.

  In ancient times, where the arts of Yogis and Masters of Kung Fu, Taiqi Quan, and Qi Gung, all were developed, herein lie the constant theme of breathe training and breathing technique, which were developed and integrated or developed within these ancient arts.

  Whereas breathing is paramount to life itself the training of correct breathing and developing an understanding of lung capacities and function are paramount in all of today’s training regiments and systems.

  Before further study of lung capacity or breath training method can be utilized, basic breathing technique must be understood and corrected.

  As adults we become more and more accustomed to our bodies running at a higher pace due to the demands of today’s fast paced society. Most people in every day life never give a second thought to how they breath in and out, when in fact the way they take the average breath is inefficient and not the way we were taught by natural instinct as we came forth at birth. This instinct is Diaphragmatic Breathing.

   Pranayama or Yogic,  Pursed Lip, Strelnikova, Buteyko, and the Mammalian Reflex breathing techniques all have one thing in common, they all recognize the importance of diaphragmatic breathing or use of the diaphragm in a normal breathing pattern.

  In using the diaphragm as we were intended to do two basic things happen instantly, our bodies can re-oxygenate and expel CO2more efficiently with less effort due to the fact that you are using stronger group of core muscle to drive the breathing motion, your body can also easily distribute the fresh O2 due again to the core muscles put in motion by use of the diaphragm and lung cavities. By using both groups of muscle we get a deeper more efficient draw of o2 and a stronger exhalation with little effort.

  The key when engaging many of these technique is balance. We all know what happens when you breath to deeply for long periods of time, dizziness and nausea. This is due to the unbalanced levels of  o2 and or the accumulation of Co2 in the bloodstream. Too much of either can result in fatigue, dizziness and, or fainting.

  With correct base breathing technique the body will be functioning more efficiently with less effort and with balance amounts of O2 and Co2 which the body needs to function.

   Apnea, “the absence of breath”, is the opposite of efficient breathing. In the sports of Free-Diving, Big wave surfing and in most extreme sports the body can be conditioned to run more efficient  with less O2 or only Co2 for extended periods of time. This type of training helps the body use O2 as efficient as possible and to use Co2 within the bloodstream as efficiently as possible in extreme situations. These training techniques utilize the bodies own natural reflexes to circulate O2 and Co2 through the body with what is called the Mammalian Reflex. If you’ve ever held your breath in a pool long enough to feel your diaphragm engage while still underwater you’ve experienced this reflex. Training your body to recognize and utilize this reflex for extended periods of time takes time is very dangerous and is not recommended unless accompanied by a professional trainer.

  All these techniques and ideas concerning breath and breathing efficiency were developed to help the body run more efficient using less energy, thereby allowing us to push the envelop in the activity, sport or fitness program of our choice.

  It can be understood that development of this extra energy or power that your body will have by cultivating these breathing and breathe technique will result in “vital energy” within the body, or as known if the martial arts world as Qi.

Train Hard, Be well, and Much Rspect!

Lawrence Ramirez Sifu Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.


The Relationship Between “Don’t Chase the Hands”, “Take What Comes”, and the Wing Chun Box

The Relationship Between “Don’t Chase the Hands”, “Take What Comes”, and the Wing Chun Box

Sifu Mike Pollard watching over Wylie Chen's form at Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association practice.

Sifu Mike Pollard watching over Wylie Chen’s form at Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association practice.

In both the first and second set, the most important concepts in Wing Chun are laid out in the first three techniques: the stance/structure through Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma, and the centerline and the box that defines the upper, middle and lower gates (the Wing Chun box) through double gang sau and double tan sau.  Discussion of all of these concepts is common and I’m not reinventing anything new, although there is an oblique relationship between these ideas that isn’t commonly discussed.  Here I want explore the relationship between “don’t chase the hands”, “take what comes” and the Wing Chun box, which is maybe not so obvious.

“Don’t chase the hands”, “take what comes”, and the Wing Chun box are inter-related, and are basically different ways of saying the same thing.  Essentially, no technique that you use should ever go beyond or outside of the box.  By doing so, your hands are not in a good position to provide an efficient and effective follow-up technique.  By performing your techniques inside of the box, you are effectively “taking what comes”, or, putting it a different way, if your opponent’s technique doesn’t connect with yours, it doesn’t matter – you didn’t waste any energy chasing the hands.  If the punch or kick misses, you didn’t expend more energy than you had to, which is consistent with Wing Chun efficiency.  On top of that, you are not over-committed and can react much faster and get to the next technique.

Here’s one more way of looking at his idea: the motion of your technique isn’t what stops your opponent’s technique, it’s the structure behind the technique.  That said, when you apply a technique to a situation, perform it like you would in the forms or in san sik and let it work with your structure.

Don’t chase the hands.  Take what comes.  Keep the hands in the box.

Much respect,

Mike Pollard Sifu

Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Dit Da Jow available for purchase from Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Dit Da Jow available for purchase from Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

New Batch of Bak Fu Pai Dit Da Jow with Hawaiian Olena, and Essential Oils is ready.

A new Batch of Bak Fu Pai Dit Da Jow with Hawaiian Olena, and Essential Oils is ready. I have 2 oz and 4 oz bottles available. Message me for pricing including shipping. Many thanks to the folks at ‪#‎PlumDragon‬ for their fine products.
Peace and much Respect, lrs

The White Tigers Back Fist 白虎背拳

Featured image

The White Tigers Back fist 白虎背拳

Early in my martial training I was introduced to what  I now like to call the “Bak Fu Bei Kuen” or ,

The White Tigers Back Fist 白虎背拳. The Sinking Dragon or the sinking elbow back fist is a technique that literally pulls your opponent into the back fist with little recourse once initiated. I have been practicing this unique strike since i was personally introduced to it in early 2001 by my Sifu, Alan “Bak Fu” Vasquez, Captain US Army (Retired), Branched Infantry, and Military Intelligence; Viet Nam Combat Veteran, with Recon Ranger, and Special Forces duty, started studies with Yeung Tin Yao, aka Robert “Yeung Biu” Yeung’s Hawaii Wing Chun Association in 1977. After serving his country and being injured in paratroop exercise that would ended his military career and almost took his life, “Bak Fu Sifu” Started teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1979.  The Orange County Wing Chun Association was founded in 1979 and is still located in Lake Forest,  Orange County, California. I myself had met Sifu Bak Fu in 1994, 95 during a time where our daughters attended the same grade school, but started formally training under him in 2001. During the many years of training that followed there were countless times I had seen this “Bak Fu Bei Kuen” flying at me from out of nowhere only to stop an inch off my face. “Use the cats whiskers”, “keep changing”, “move like a dragon”, “be soft” or “be like water” would be the phrases that would usually follow the delivery of the famed strike, but it would years before I would come to terms, get my head around these ideas, and fully understand exactly how to “Use the cats whiskers”, “keep changing”, “move like a dragon”, “be soft” or “be like water”. I was told until learn to use the cat whiskers to stop you will never truly learn how to go. How would do you put this into context to actually teach someone to actually do this? In reality you cannot, it is movement your body must feel many countless times until in is ingrained into muscle memory, and movement becomes instinct and natural action, not re-action. I believe it was not until I had begun teaching that I came to realization and understanding of these and many other terms and ideas I had been taught in the years I spent training with my Sifu, my Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters.

There were times when only Sifu and I were in the Kwoon, he would make tea and I would work. As I hit the Mook Yan Jong or practice Baat Chaam Dou he would tell me story of his training days and of his military days. He would always catch my mistakes no matter how in depth his description of adventure had gotten. On one particular day I remember him telling me of his reoccurring dreams of engaging great Gung Fu warriors in battle, I asked how the dreams ended, he said he had always won. I truly believe he was using the “Bak Fu Bei Kuen” in these magnificent battles, and I know these great warriors were looking at them as I had once long ago.

I have graduate students of my own now and I see them training the younger and newer students. They now are asked the same questions and have to explain these theories and principles as I had taught them, just as I was in turn taught by my Sifu. Time is the best teacher, with time that which is cultivated manifests, and if cultivated, Gung Fu only grows with age.

I now have my own dreams of battle, and you know I will be throwing a few “Bak Fu Bei Kuen” in the mix to ensure my victory.

Train well, much respect,


Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association wishes Congratulations to Quinn Miller.

20150412_102954      Big Congratulations to Quinn Miller for on his promotion to Blue Shirt Advanced Wing Chun Practitioner. His skill level and knowledge of the system has earned him his new color. Quinn will be sharing his knowledge this next year helping train newer students and grooming his teaching skill, I know he will be among  best of them out there when he reaches Black shirt level.
Congrats Quinn! lrs


Pacific Wing Chun holds Safety-Awareness and Personal Protection Seminar.

Pacific Wing Chun Safety Awareness and Personal Defense Seminar

Pacific Wing Chun holds Safety Awareness and Personal Defense Seminar in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

Pacific Wing Chun held the Safety-Awareness and Personal Protection Seminar on April 11th at Kealakehe High School in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Thank you and Mahalo Nui to all whom volunteered. Thank you and Mahalo Nui to visiting Sifu Sean Cavanaugh from Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, WA., Sifu Kadang, Sifu Verble and all Kealakehe High School  teachers whom helped. This seminar was all part of a Senior Project coordinated by Maggie Chen. Basic knowledge of awareness and personal protection tactics were discussed and demonstrated. The students left with tools to keep themselves and their friends safe and aware of dangers out on the streets. Information for abuse, help and police hotlines were also shared and made available to everyone. Talk of the next seminar is already in the works.


Be well all, much respect,


Sifu Sean Cavanaugh visits from Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, WA.

20150407_181729 Many things were learned and shared as we again are honored by a visit from Sifu Sean Cavanaugh from the Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. WA. Many thanks for the handcrafted Jook Wan Huen, Sifu Sean Cavanaugh! We will definitely be putting use on these tools you’ve made for us! With Sifu Sean’s knowledge of the systems history and technique it was wing Chun overload for everyone whom attended. Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association is holding a seminar this weekend and holding another session Sunday with Sifu Sean.

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Again Mahalo Nui and Much Respect Sifu Sean!

Sin Nen Fai Lok Happy Year of the Green Wood Goat

Sin Nen Fai Lok Happy Year of the Green Wood Goat


Sin Nen Fai Lok Happy Year of the Green Wood Goat. wellness and prosperity year after year!Fortune

Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chinese Festival of the Year and we here at Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association would like to wish everyone


新年快乐 Sin Nen Fai Lok (Happy New Year) and 恭喜发财 Gung Hei Faat Choi (Congratulations and Be Prosperous)

Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association offers discount for Military Personnel and their family, also ability to pay program for school age children.

 Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association offers discount for Military Personnel and their family, also ability to pay program for school age children.


Sifu Alan Vasquez Army CPT Ret. teaching at Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.


Late Master Lucky Shaffer AF Ret teaching at Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

We welcome the Hero’s whom have sacrificed years of their lives to keep our Country Free. Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association has had the honor to have several Servicemen among our members and we offer a whole family discount to those whom keep our country free. Please visit us on the web at and call us at 808-345-5540

Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association also offers an ability to pay program for families with school age children. We truly believe that every child should have equal access to recreational and character social building programs especially if the child would otherwise not be enrolled or allowed to enroll due to their families finances. We also truly believe that Kung Fu has the ability to teach children social and life skills that they will not find or taught anywhere else.

Honor,Dedication and Respect.

Please feel free to contact us for all the details of these programs today!

You can reach Pacific Wing Chun Kung Fu Association at 808-345-5540, or at , , also visit us on the web at