Pacific Wing Chun Association

Understanding the Manifestation of Chi Understanding the Manifestation of Chi is an article outlining Chi, and the manifestation of Chi. Please visit the WWWCKF discussion group at:

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Pacific Wing Chun Association across the Pacific.


Sifu Lawrence Ramirez founder of Pacific Wing Chun Association, and the World Wide Wing Chun Association moves across the Pacific. September seemed like a good time for transition as any, so with little left to do we packed up, and moved to California the birthplace of the Orange County Wing Chun Association, founded by Sifu Alan Vasquez. The associations are in Orange County California. And you may find them at:

Pacific Wing Chun Association, Sifu Lawrence Ramirez

World Wide Wing Chun Kung Fu, Sifu Lawrence Ramirez

Orange County Wing Chun Association, Sifu Alan”Bak Fu”Vasquez

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